April 18, 2022

Bryon Gustafson speaks to the benefits of higher education for firefighters and details one public safety program’s unique approach

There are countless benefits to higher education for firefighters – not only understanding the profession better but also becoming a better communicator, both verbally and on the written page, and enhancing critical-thinking and decision-making skills. Today's podcast features Bryon Gustafson, assistant professor and director of the Master of Public Safety program at the University of Virginia, about the benefits of higher education for firefighters, plus some of the leadership challenges currently facing the fire service. Dr. Gustafson has served in a variety of public service roles, mostly on the law enforcement side, but he got his start in the fire service.

This episode of the Side Alpha Podcast is brought to you by Lexipol, the experts in policy, training, wellness support and grants assistance for first responders and government leaders. To learn more, visit Lexipol.com.

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